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Bella joined the team in 2014 and has developed a fan base writing most of our our Erotic Stories. She also writes a lot of our "guides" from personal experience!

My First Golden Shower Experience

Being an escort, I was used to getting some odd requests, but one day, one of my regular clients asked me to try something I had never dared to before. We had just finished a session on a Friday night and I was in the shower, scrubbing off the sweat of our long night of sex, when he came in and asked me something, pretty boldly. Continue reading My First Golden Shower Experience

Sex Games – Strip Poker

‘Okay,’ he says. “I win.” And he fans out the five cards, face up, on the carpet for her to see. She sees the row of tiny red hearts. Her own heart starts thumping. She looks at him. His eyes have a dreamy, warm look. He smiles at her. She lays her own cards out on the carpet. “I lose,” she says. She is suddenly nervous. But she can feel herself growing wet. Continue reading Sex Games – Strip Poker

Sexy Nurse – Erotic Story

Lisa is a nurse from India. About 5 years ago, there was a huge influx of nurses coming to Ireland from countries like India and Philippines as part of a major recruitment drive to fill up vacancies in Ireland’s short-staffed health-service sector. Lisa had come to Ireland, looking for a brighter future and better opportunities. Continue reading Sexy Nurse – Erotic Story

Real Sex Stories – My First Time

I had always enjoyed masturbating, for several years. I don’t recall exactly how old I was, but I discovered that it felt good to rub myself between the legs. One night I did it against a pillow, I was holding my lips open with one hand and grinding on the pillow and an amazing feeling overwhelmed me – my first orgasm. Continue reading Real Sex Stories – My First Time