Dublin 5 is a postal region of Dublin, presenting a very green, residential area that offers a rural lifestyle, surrounded by several areas of parkland, and extends to the north part of Bull Island, linked by the Causeway Road.

The region is built up of the following areas: Artane, Harmonstown and Raheny. The Santry River and Naniken River also both run through the area. With so much greenery and natural beauty, it is little wonder why this area would attract Dublin 5 escorts to visit the area.


Well, apart from the obvious thing of visiting one of the courtesans, there are one or two other things that you can do in this charming region of this city. For example, there are many places of which you can go on a dinner date with a beautiful call girl, catering for a range of different palates from Italian to Chinese, so enjoy fine dining and good company.

If you want to take in the fresh country air and see a few landmarks, you could visit St. Anne’s Park, the second largest municipal park in this city. The park is the former estate of the descendants of Arthur Guinness, founder of the famous brewery.

The park makes for a several pleasant walking routes with interesting features to see, including a man-made pond, a clock tower, St. Anne’s Well and a golf course, for those that enjoy the ‘holy trinity’; a putt, a pint and a punt with one of the lovely escorts in Dublin 5.

There are also a number of interesting follies within the park, including Annie Lee Tower and Bridge, the Temple of Isis by the duck pond, a Herculanean Temple overlooking the Naniken River and a Roman tower on a hill overlooking the duck pond.


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