Once historically known as Tartaine, the suburb of Artane can be found on the north side of the capital city of Dublin in Ireland. The spelling of the name has changed a lot over the years, with some still choosing to call it Artaine instead. It is quite a quiet and peaceful suburb to visit, with many discreet places to enjoy a date. It also has a rich history spanning over 900 years, meaning that you will have plenty of fun places to visit on your date with an elite escort in Artane.


Those wanting to treat themselves to a delicious meal will find plenty of great places to visit in Artane, and many of them are discreet, making them perfect for a date with a local escort. The New Hin Keng Chinese just off of Malahide Road is a great place to visit if you enjoy delicious Asian cuisine, and if you want to try something new, this is the place to start. There are also plenty of cafés here, and if you aren't a fan of busy restaurants, you should visit one of those for a private and intimate date.

Sometimes, the best thing that you can do on a date is head to a hotel. You get to enjoy the peace and quiet of a comfortable room, and if you are eager to try something kinky with a hot dominatrix, you can do so easily. You could even treat yourself to a sensual massage from an Artane escort if you want to. Looking for the perfect place for your night of passion? The Ardlea Bed and Breakfast is a firm favourite, and has received plenty of great reviews thanks to the friendly and charming atmosphere there, as well as its closeness to a pub. What more could you ask for from a date location?

Looking for something a little more fun and active to do during your time with a top escort? The Artane Shopping Centre might be perfect for you to visit. The shopping centre is home to many local businesses, such as a butcher's shop where you can buy the best cuts of meat in Dublin, as well as a Penney's for those eager to update their wardrobe. It may seem like there isn't a great deal here, but it is the perfect place to go for those who don't want to travel into the city.


Discussing all of the incredible things you can do in Artane would be difficult. There are so many options open to you for your date with the sexiest escorts in Artane that listing them all will just make it harder for you to decide what you are doing.

However, if you want a few more options, the Escort Ireland forum is the place to go. Simply post a thread, asking about the top date locations nearby and see what others have to say. You might even find yourself speaking to some of the mature escorts nearby about their favourite places.