Irish Escorts

One of the main reasons Escort Ireland is the leading escort website in the country, is the fact we have the most escorts. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a female escort, male escort, a transsexual escort, a transvestite escort, a domination escort or a massage escort; there will certainly be someone to take your fancy.

Types of Escort

When people talk about escorts, they usually split them into three groups. There is, firstly, what you would call a 'traditional escort', who you either go to visit at their place for an 'incall', or who come to meet you in an 'outcall'.

After that, you have the domination escorts who get involved in bondage and whipping, amongst other things. This service is extra naughty, and not for everyone. However, all over Ireland, this kind of encounter is growing in popularity.

Finally there is a massage escort. A massage escort will, believe it or not, give you a massage, relaxing you and taking you away from all the worries in the real world.

That is what is so good about the escort industry. There will always be an escort service for you. And with the amount of escorts on our website, you are very likely to find an escort who fulfills your requirement and can truly give you a date to remember.

Escort services in general are becoming more popular as the years go by. Our lives are getting more and more busy, and many are struggling to find time for what society would call a 'real relationship'. Therefore going onto the pages of Escort Ireland and picking an escort to share some time with is becoming a a very popular option. It gives people the fun of having a boyfriend or girlfriend without any of the associated hassle.

So are you looking for some special companionship? If so, one of the escorts on Escort Ireland is waiting for your call.

Our Escort Search Facility

The most difficult thing you will find when meeting an escort, is the amount of choice you will have on the pages of Escort Ireland. This is why we have created an advanced escort search facility to make it easier for you. Here you can put in exact requirements that you have (like eye colour, hair colour or smoking status) and the search facility will give you the results that match what you have asked for.. It is an extremely popular function, and one that helps us stand out from the competition.

Whether it is a traditional escort, a domination escort or a massage escort you want to see; we hope your escort experience is memorable. It truly is a wonderfully exciting world!