Service provider

If you are a Service Provider, here is all the help you need to manage your account. See how to make payments, change your profile, and make the most of your advert.


If you are a punter, here you can learn how to write reviews, create a list and keep track of your favourite adverts, and personalise your experience as a registered member.

Message Boards

Interested in our Escort Ireland online community? Read our FAQ’s, rules, and regulations regarding our message boards, blogging, and bulleting services.

Review System

Find out all you need to know about how to use the review system, whether you are a Punter or a Service Provider, as well as the system’s established rules.

Photo Verification

What do “verified photos” mean? Both Punters and Service Providers can learn about our verification system here.

If you own a website and are looking to link to Escort Ireland, the material and information you need is here.

Escort Industry


Are you an Escort? Here you can find everything there is to know about the industry, including useful Health & Safety tips, Legal information and loads more...


Information about the Escort Industry specifically for Punters. Features and detailed guide to the industry, Health & Safety tips, common escort lingo and lots more useful information...