If you ask someone what would be a great country to visit or to live in Northern Europe, they would tell you to go to Ireland. As well as being the home of the iconic city of Dublin, it is a place that is filled with history and heritage that makes the local people proud to be Irish.

There are many counties that you can discover and explore in the country, but if you’re looking for an area where you can get the ultimate relaxation, you should definitely go to Waterford. Why Waterford? Well, alongside being the home of the oldest city in Ireland, it is packed full of nature and wildlife that any lively girl would love to have an adventure in.

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If you’re wondering what makes the county a special place to visit in your spare time, it would be that it is the home of many wonderful towns like Lismore, where the district is known to hold the famous St. Carthage’s Cathedral. In addition, The Lismore Catherdral is classified as a World Heritage Site, so you don’t have any excuse to not go and see the architectural masterpiece that is settled in the county!

Another thing that you must add on your ‘list of things to do’ in the area is to put on your most comfortable shoes and trek along the backs of the River Blackwater. It’s a great activity for any fans of the wilderness to do; you can see how long it would take to walk from Kinsalebeg to Ferry point. It is a long way, but it would be an experience that you would remember for the rest of your life!

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