Residing on the south coast of Ireland, in the province of Munster, in the County of Waterford is the coastal town and harbour of Dungarvan. It's Irish name, Dún Garbhán means “Garbhann's Fort.” It's name refers to Saint Garbhann who founded a church here in the 7th century.

The town is situated at the mouth of the Colligan River. The town is divided into two parishes- Dungarvan to the west and Abbeyside to the east. These parishes are connected by a bridge built by the Duke of Devonshire in the 18th century. The harbour is formed by The Quay and The Causeway. The bay is outside of the harbour. It's three kilometer sandbar is called The Cunnigar.

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One of Dungarvan's most notable historical attractions is the 13th-century King John's Castle, which overlooks the harbour. This impressive Norman fortress, featuring a stone curtain wall and a stunning view of the bay, is a must-see for history buffs. Another popular historical site in the town is St. Mary's Church of Ireland, an elegant 19th-century building that houses a collection of intricate stained-glass windows and a beautifully crafted pipe organ.

The Waterford Greenway, a 46-kilometre off-road walking and cycling trail, runs between Waterford City and Dungarvan, following the route of a disused railway line. This scenic trail offers stunning views of the Comeragh Mountains, the Copper Coast, and the lush countryside. Visitors can rent bicycles in Dungarvan and embark on a leisurely ride through the picturesque surroundings, stopping at charming villages and historical sites along the way.

Dungarvan's thriving culinary scene is a major draw for food enthusiasts. The town boasts a wide selection of restaurants, pubs, and cafés that serve up delicious local produce and showcase the region's culinary heritage. The annual West Waterford Festival of Food, held in Dungarvan each spring, celebrates the best of local food and drink, featuring cookery demonstrations, tastings, and farmers' markets.

Nature lovers will appreciate the abundance of outdoor activities available in and around Dungarvan. The town's coastal location makes it an ideal base for water sports, such as sailing, kayaking, and fishing. Additionally, the nearby Comeragh Mountains provide excellent opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, and birdwatching.

Dungarvan also offers a variety of cultural experiences for visitors, including the Old Market House Arts Centre, which hosts exhibitions and workshops featuring local and international artists. The nearby Cunnigar Peninsula, with its expansive sand dunes and diverse wildlife, offers a tranquil setting for a leisurely stroll or a spot of birdwatching.


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