In the South-East of Ireland, in the Province of Munster, in the County of Waterford is Waterford City. It's Irish name, Port Láirge translates quite literally to Lárag's port. It's the oldest and the fifth most populated city in Ireland.

The city resides at the head of Harbour. Like the rest of Ireland, it experiences a maritime temperate climate. The city's motto, Urbs Intacta Manet Waterfordia means “Waterford remains the untaken city.” Today the city is known for its legacy of glass making and its crystal.

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Visit the oldest urban civic building in Ireland. Reginald's Tower is the city's most recognizable landmark. It's also the oldest monument to retain its Viking name. It's believed to be the first building in Ireland to use mortar.

At the County Museum of Treasures you'll discover an amazing collection of historical artifacts associated to the heritage and culture of the city. There's three museums in the 'Viking Triangle.' Collectively these museums are known as the Museum of Treasures. There is the Viking Museum, the Medieval Museum and the Bishop's Palace Museum. Culture Vultures will feast in the Viking Triangle.

At the House of Waterford Crystal, located in the Mall in the heart of the Viking Triangle, you can see the legendary crystal that the city is renown for. The staff are pleased to welcome you. They'll take you on a unique journey so you can see exquisite pieces of crystal being created before your very eyes.

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Visit the beautiful County Cathedral located on Barronstrand Street. This is the oldest Catholic Cathedral in Ireland. There's a beautifully carved pulpit, terrific stained glass windows and impressive murals. Light a candle for this special moment in time.


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