Located in Ireland, in the city of Belfast, is the region of West Belfast. The other regions in the fantastic city includes North, South and East Belfast. Each one forms the basis of constituencies for elections. Historically this has been the most politically nationalist of all of the regions’s constituencies.

The Quarters are distinctive cultural zones within the city that reflect something about the neighborhood and location. The quarters are: the Cathedral Quarter, the Gaeltacht Quarter, the Linen Quarter, the Market Quarter, the Queen’s Quarter, the Titanic Quarter, the Smithfield and the Union Quarter. Each Quarter has an unique feature and they’re all interesting to explore.

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West Belfast, a historically significant and culturally diverse area of Northern Ireland's capital, offers visitors a range of engaging attractions and experiences. With its rich history, thriving arts scene, and stunning natural beauty, West Belfast provides a unique and memorable destination for travelers seeking to explore the city's heritage.

A visit to West Belfast would not be complete without exploring the famous Falls Road and Shankill Road areas, where the city's political murals provide a powerful insight into Belfast's turbulent past. These iconic murals depict the history of the Troubles and the ongoing peace process, offering a thought-provoking and compelling experience for visitors.

Nature lovers will enjoy the picturesque Colin Glen Forest Park, a lush green haven located at the foot of the Belfast Hills. The park offers a range of walking and cycling trails, as well as a thrilling zip line and high ropes course for the more adventurous. The park's diverse flora and fauna provide a stunning backdrop for leisurely strolls and outdoor pursuits.

West Belfast is also home to the bustling Kennedy Centre, a popular shopping and entertainment destination. With its wide range of retail outlets, restaurants, and leisure facilities, the Kennedy Centre offers a diverse and enjoyable shopping and dining experience for visitors.


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