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Armagh Escorts

County Armagh is named after its county town, Armagh, and is one of the six counties that form Northern Ireland. It is also one of the 32 traditional counties of Ireland, and is located in the north-east of the island. Adjoined to the southern shore of Lough Neagh, the county has a population of about 175,000. County Armagh is known as the "Orchard County" because of its many apple orchards.

While it is the smallest of Northern Ireland's six counties, County Armagh has no shortage of historic culture and stunning scenery. The city of Armagh has a rich heritage and a truly magnificent Georgian elegance.

Those into water sports can take a trip to the Craigavon lakes, where there are many different activities to be enjoyed, including wind surfing, jet skiing and various boating activities. Culture vultures head to the fascinating Armagh County Museum. Learn about this historic county with a stunning escort in Armagh and enjoy the captivating stories about the people who lived and worked in the county.

Things to do in County Armagh

Northern Ireland has some of the finest castles on the island. Back in the mists of time some of the most remote places in Northern Ireland were bustling. Through centuries of war, siege and expansion, Carrickfergus Castle was Ireland's most formidable stronghold. Enjoy a visit to this magnificent castle with an Armagh escort and learn how the castle played an important military role until 1928 and remains one of the best preserved medieval structures in Ireland. 

Perhaps you are planning a hot date with a sexy escort in Armagh? A romantic candlelit dinner is always a winner! Sample some of the highest quality foods the county has to offer. Located in the 17th century Market Square of Legacorry, a town which in the past was not only famous for it’s line trade, markets and fairs,, but was indeed infamous for the sport of kings, horse racing, hunting and the fighting birds. Grouches On The Square has been evolving for some 350 years into what may be one of the finest, most diverse café Bars in Ulster. You can guarantee you'll receive a memorable dining experience here.

There are various tours you can take which offer different itineraries to explore a little more of the vibrant cities and beautiful landscapes. Open top bus tours and more intimate taxi tours are popular in both Belfast and Londonderry/Derry. Due to its compact size, most parts of Northern Ireland can be reached within a couple of hours from the main towns and cities, allowing you to see as much as possible during your visit. City Sightseeing Tours is a company offering tourists a unique opportunity to explore the sights of the famous walled city. Jump on the 'Hop on, Hop Off' tour bus with a local Armagh escort and set off on your own adventure together.

Father Casey

Gulity conscience? Perhaps you have been too busy sinning with the escorts in Armagh to notice we have our very own virtual priest? Check out Father Casey now here at Escort-Ireland to confess your sins anonymously.

This is an easier alternative than going to the local church to confess your sins. Just a few clicks away, you can find Father Casey. Confess your sin's, from the comfort of your own home where you'll be issued with a number of Hail Mary's, (depending on how much you have sinned).Once you have cleared your conscience, you can sin all over again with whichever of the escorts in Armagh you fancy.

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