Located in Ireland in the city of Belfast is the region of North Belfast. The other three regions in the massive city include East, South and West Belfast.

The Quarters in the region are cultural zones within the city that reflect the uniqueness of its neighborhoods. The quarters are: the Cathedral Quarter, the Gaeltacht Quarter, the Linen Quarter, the Market Quarter, the Queen’s Quarter, the Titanic Quarter, the Smithfield and Union Quarter. Each Quarter is different and features something curious to explore.

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Visit the main Welcome Center located on 9 Donegall Square North. With free, great maps and an extremely helpful staff, you can choose what interests you the most and get at it! It’s a great resource with excellent information and it's centrally located too!

Light a votive candle at St. Malachy’s Church located on 24 Alfred Street. This beautiful chapel has a magnificent vaulted ceiling and a stirring altar area. It’s located in southern area of the city and it’s quite simply an architectural masterpiece.

The Belfast Castle catches the eye and takes your breath away. It’s as if it jumped off the page of a fairy tale. It’s location on Antrim Road provides a great view of the city. The castle dates back to 1870 and today it’s a popular event venue and tourist attraction.

When you visit Cave Hill Country Park, get ready for a challenging walk with spectacular views from the top! It’s located next to the castle and on a clear sunny day, you can see the mountains. It’s a fantastic hike and its panorama of the city is well worth the effort!

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