You are a lucky guy if you’re currently living in a beautiful country like Ireland. The place has a wonderful mixture of liveliness and tranquility that would cater to anyone’s preferences in their leisure time. Although, it can be very difficult in choosing which peaceful town you would love to visit, due to the fact that the country is packed full with all kinds of places for you to go to.

Nevertheless, it is worth it for you to book a couple of days off work to travel to the harmonious town of Portarlington. If you think that there would be nothing interesting for you to do there, then all of the attractive escorts that live in the town will make you change your mind!


One thing that the town has great pride in is its history, which is exhibited at the People’s Museum. At the venue, there are many artefacts date back the Bronze Age, which would be of interest to you and a lovely companion if you both have an interest in archeology!

If you really think that the town is too small for any festive event to occur, then think again! The area hosts an annual French Festival, also known as the Festival Français de Portarlington, which is celebrated in the middle of July for one weekend.

You’d get the chance to listen to some funky music, taste some delicious street food and dance with lively girls who know how to sway their hips! It’s recommended that you’d dance with some of the girls that live in the town, because you’d never know if one of them would be a talented masseuse, a hot dominatrix or a seductive Portarlington escort who could make your nights special and memorable!


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