Nobody likes to be left with nothing to do in their leisure time, especially they have been given a week off work to relax and unwind. You’d want to find a way to put that time to good use, whether it would be wandering around the green spaces in their hometowns, or visiting a different city like Kilkenny.

Settled on the banks of the River Nore in the province of Leinster, you can be sure that your leisure time would be filled with a lot of activities that you would enjoy doing again and again. Some of the many activities that you can do in the area include visiting some of its historical monuments, indulging in a bit of retail therapy and encountering hot escorts that would be more than happy to get acquainted with you!


Speaking of historical monuments, one landmark that many visitors and locals enjoy seeing is Kilkenny Castle; a restored 12th Century fortress that has a renovated garden, gallery and tearoom for many of its guest to enjoy spending time in. In addition, the Castle is located right next to the River Nore, so you can go on a pleasant stroll with a gorgeous girl after your trip to the fortress!

For those who like to splash some cash every now and again, you can go to the many shopping centres in the area like the Kilkenny Shopping Mall, TK Maxx and the Kilkenny Design Centre. No matter which centre you’d go to, you can spoil a gorgeous Kilkenny City escort rotten with all of the gifts that you’d want to buy for her!

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