The suburb of Rialto lies on the south side of Dublin, along the abandoned section of the Grand Canal that was closed down back in 1976. This suburb sits close to the St. James Hospital, and so has some great hotels in the area for you to visit. This, and the fact that the Grand Canal runs right along it has helped to make it a great destination to visit, with many tourists attractions in the area. Why not take the time to explore with a Rialto escort to guide you around the best places to visit?


The Irish National War Memorial Gardens are one of Rialto's highlights, a peaceful and well-maintained park dedicated to Irish troops who died in World War I. Designed by renowned architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, the gardens are a tranquil haven perfect for quiet reflection or a leisurely stroll. As well as being home to beautiful flowerbeds, trees, and shrubs, the park features a number of impressive monuments, including the central granite cross and the intricate stone pavilions.

A short walk from the War Memorial Gardens, visitors will discover the historical Kilmainham Gaol. This former prison, now a museum, offers a fascinating insight into Irish history, particularly the events leading up to and including the 1916 Easter Rising. Guided tours provide an opportunity to learn about the lives of the inmates and the conditions they endured, as well as the broader political and social context of the time.

Rialto is also home to the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, a striking 17th-century building that now houses the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA). The museum boasts an extensive collection of contemporary Irish and international art, as well as hosting regular exhibitions and events. The beautifully landscaped gardens surrounding the museum offer a lovely setting for a picnic or an outdoor art trail.

Just beyond Rialto, the bustling neighbourhood of Inchicore provides a range of shops, restaurants, and traditional pubs where visitors can sample local cuisine and enjoy live music. The nearby Grand Canal offers a scenic walk, with its picturesque towpath and colourful barges, providing an opportunity to unwind and take in the natural beauty of the area.


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