The suburb of Rialto lies on the south side of Dublin, along the abandoned section of the Grand Canal that was closed down back in 1976. This suburb sits close to the St. James Hospital, and so has some great hotels in the area for you to visit. This, and the fact that the Grand Canal runs right along it has helped to make it a great destination to visit, with many tourists attractions in the area. Why not take the time to explore with a Rialto escort to guide you around the best places to visit?


The Former Rialto Cinema has proven to be a bit of a hotspot for people visiting the area. First opened in 1936, this 1600 seat cinema lasted for nearly forty years before it was closed in late 1970 or early 1971. For many it is still a central part of the area, and tourists will visit it to admire the architecture. It may not seem like much, but this cinema holds a lot of history for the people of Rialto, making it a must on your trip to the area.

One of the best things about being in an area like Rialto is that there are plenty of great hotels and B&Bs around for you to spend the night in. You can have a great romantic getaway here with a sexy escort in Rialto, and there are some amazing hotels for you to choose from. The Herberton Apartments give you the chance to enjoy a discreet and private evening away, which might make it perfect for your time submitting to your dominatrix or enjoying a sensual massage. However, those hoping to enjoy breakfast during their stay might find that the Doheny House B&B has everything they need, with friendly staff to welcome you and show you to a relaxing and charming room.

Throughout Rialto you'll find a number of restaurants and cafés to make for a fun and enjoyable date with a local escort. Whether you want to splurge on a three course meal or you are happy to share a light lunch, Rialto has everything you need. The Rose Garden Chinese Restaurant is a great choice for those unsure of where to go on a date, as they have some delicious dishes for you to enjoy. If you'd like something else, the Arch Cafe has some great prices and tasty Irish cuisine for you to sample.


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