The large capital city of Dublin has some beautiful suburbs for you to discover, and one of the more popular ones for you to visit is the area of Rialto. The suburb can be found next to the canal, on the section that runs between James Street Basin and the Grand Canal, although this area of the canal was actually closed down back in 1976. This gives visitors some great history to explore, and there are also plenty of intriguing and fun places for you to visit on date. Not sure where to go? A Rialto escort will be more than happy to be your guide.


Some people find that staying in the very centre of Dublin is too much for them, and so they seek out the quieter and more discreet suburbs for somewhere private to stay. Within this area you will find a number of great hotels to take rest, such as the Doheny House. This bed and breakfast has comfortable rooms for you to stay in, and the prices are very reasonable for the area. After your stay you could enjoy a delicious and tasty breakfast, starting your day off in the right way with a great meal.

Within the suburb you will also discover a number of great restaurants to visit, each of which would be perfect for a number of romantic dinner dates with the escorts in Rialto. Those eager to watch their weight but still treat themselves might enjoy visiting Camile, which has a number of healthier Thai dishes for you to enjoy. Not for you? The Rose Garden Chinese Restaurant is another good choice, with friendly staff and a relaxed setting to make you feel at ease and comfortable on your date.

One of the best things about staying in an area like this is that you will find plenty of fun places to go shopping, and there are some amazing hidden gems for you to find. A local escort will prove to be the perfect companion for shopping, as they will know the best places to go and which stores have some incredible deals on. You could easily visit the local florist and buy a beautiful bouquet to present to your favourite escort as thanks for your time together. If that doesn't seem like something they would enjoy, there are some smaller stores where you can buy snacks to share with them instead.


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