The capital city of Ireland is a fantastic place to visit, whether you’re on holiday or on a couple of days off work. The region is packed full of attractions, activities, and beautiful women who would be more than happy to get acquainted with you! However, you mustn’t forget that the life and soul of the capital isn’t solely settled in the centre; it’s spread out far and wide in every sub-district and neighbourhood in the area.

Therefore, while you’re hanging around in the capital city, you give yourself the chance to see what the Dublin 6 area is like. The district is a one of 24 postal areas in the City of Dublin in County Dublin. Even though the area is divided into two halves, you don’t have to write a letter addressed to the correct location if you want to visit an elite escort! Just pick up the phone and call!


The area is the site of the original fortifications of the capital city and in 1204, several years after the Norman Invasion of Ireland in 1169, King John of England commanded that a castle be built to reinforce the city, administer justice and protect the treasury. During the middle ages, the wooden buildings within the castle confines where rebuilt out of stone and served as the courthouse, banqueting hall and Parliament house, but a fire destroyed the castle in 1673 and it had to be demolished.

The remaining part of the castle, The Court of Castle Chamber, as well as the Record Tower, survived further fire damage in 1684, and it had extreme renovations, becoming more of a Georgian estate than a fortification. The battlements were later added during the 1800's for aesthetic reasons. If you want to make a lovely escort in Dublin 6 feel like royalty, the inside of the castle resembles somewhat of a palace. In return, she may treat you to a soothing massage or a kinky BDSM session!

Another interesting feature in the district is the Royal Hospital Kilmainham; that served as a hospital for 250 years, built in 1684 as a retirement home for former soldiers. However, under the pressures of the [then] new Irish Free State, it ultimately became a museum storage facility and also used by the Garda (and still is to some extent). Today, the hospital is home to the Museum of Modern Art, as well as other attractions including Richmond Tower and Bully’s Acre, one of which is the resting place of the city’s heavyweight boxer, Dan Donnelly.


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