The suburb of Dartry is located within the province of Leinster and in the county of Dublin. Located within this suburb are Dartry Road, Temple Road, Orwell Park and Palmerston Park. Trinity College Dublin resides in this region and Trinity Hall located on the main road is the most prominent student residence. On the grounds of this campus is the centuries-old, Trinity College Botantic Garden.

The Dodder River runs through this area. When you drink at The Dropping Well Pub located on the riverside, you'll be drinking at the site of a historic mortuary. It was established in this location so that the river could carry the dead bodies downstream and to a pool underneath a waterfall. If that's a little dark, then make light of it with a pint of Guinness.

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Enjoy an epic day on the spectacular grounds of Milltown Golf Course. Located on Lower Churchtown Road, this golf club has an excellent staff and a pristine, challenging course. Take your best shot then enjoy a cocktail or meal at the clubhouse.

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If you're seeking rest and relaxation then head to the Liffey River and you'll find Dartry Park. They have an easy and simple loop trail. Walk its path and stretch your legs. You can also get right up to the water and have a seat. Watch the water pass and bask in the fine weather. Enjoy the simple things in life like a beautiful day at the park and a sensual massage from an independent escort in Dartry.

Wilde & Green is an eclectic restaurant located on Milltown Road. They have a splendid ambiance and great sandwiches. It's a popular spot so you know it's tried and true. Meatlovers should order the Italian chicken sandwich!


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