Settled in the civil parish of Castleknock and in the postal district of Dublin 15, Ashtown is known to be a thriving townland for people who enjoy spending their leisure time in the open air. What attractions lie in the district for you to go and visit? Well, it sits perfectly close to the Royal Canal and the Phoenix Park, which many lively girls enjoy discovering and exploring, again and again. If you’re still feeling skeptical on visiting the district when you have a few days off work, then you should know that there are many gorgeous escorts that live there and know how to make any man smile at the end of the day!


You wouldn’t know that lively activity you would like to do first once you enter the district! However, if the first thing that you experience is hunger, then it’s recommended that you sit down and have a succulent meal at either the Hole in the Wall or the Cuminskeys Bar and Restaurant. You can be sure that you would have a pleasant experience at both of the restaurants, but you can make your time there extra special by having a meal with a gorgeous companion at either of those places!

After indulging in a delicious meal, it’s good to go on a lovely stroll once with a lovely girl; that is why so many people enjoy walking along the banks of the Royal Canal. In addition, the Crescent Park is settled close to the canal, so you can always have a pleasant picnic with a beautiful Ashtown escort if you don’t want to eat indoors!


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