When you’re planning to have a holiday in the thriving country of Ireland, there is no way that you would be able to resist going to the exciting County Dublin. The area is packed full of wonderful attractions and thrilling activities that would make any person want to live there permanently!

However, if there is a particular townland in the postal district of Dublin 15 that you should visit, it would be the fantastic area of Ashtown. Since the small region is situated near the Royal Canal and Navan Road, you cannot say that you wouldn’t be able to find anything that’d cater to your interests and hobbies over there. If you can say that, then all of the charming masseuses, feisty dominatrixes and exclusive escorts who live in the area will make you change your mind!


When you’re in the district and you find yourself just outside of the majestic Phoenix Park, you wouldn’t be able to resist wandering around the green space and getting immersed in its peaceful atmosphere! You would find that a lot of visitors and locals enjoy going to the Papal Cross; a place of worship which also gives you a magnificent view of the landscape.

After your sight-seeing adventure, you can always make a pit stop at either the Phoenix Café or the Hole in the Wall restaurant. Both of these food venues would be able to provide you with the perfect ambience to wine and dine with an elegant companion. However, not all of the attractions and activities are settled in Phoenix Park! Many people enjoy putting on their swimming trunks and going for a light swim at the De Paul Swimming Pool.

When the sun starts to go down and you want to spend the remaining hours of your day with a beautiful Ashtown escort, you can book a room that’s big enough for two people at the Beech Lodge Bed and Breakfast Dublin. If there is one thing that is certain, it would be that your time in the district would be well spent, as long as you have a dazzling woman by your side!


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