Within Dublin you will find many beautiful suburbs to explore, and one of the more popular ones to visit is Bayside, which lies on the north side of the city. Its position along the coast, overlooking Dublin Bay, has helped to make it a popular destination for many to visit. It has a charming atmosphere, relaxing spots to visit, and plenty of escort friendly destinations for you to discover! Not sure where to start? Perhaps you should invite one of the hot escorts in Bayside to be your guide? They will know the best places to go on a date and will prove to be the perfect companions for your time in the suburb.


Throughout the beautiful suburb of Bayside, you will find a number of great shops to visit. The Bayside shopping centre has a few great shops for you to visit, and afterwards you can easily walk to the promenade and enjoy the stunning views of the area. It is the perfect date idea for those on a tight budget, as you can spend a little time window shopping before walking around and getting to know your independent escort.

Looking for a great place to go for a romantic getaway? Why not book yourself in to a hotel? The Dun Aoibhinn B&B sits next to Sutton Park in the suburb and has a friendly vibe for you to enjoy with a Bayside escort. Hoping for something a little more discreet? The Dublin Bay Holiday Home might be perfect for your time with a kinky dominatrix, as you can enjoy a little privacy in your own little home for the weekend. Its position by the coast makes it perfect for those hoping to enjoy the views this beautiful area has to offer.

Of course, sometimes you want to do nothing more than enjoy a drink. The Bayside Inn is a great bar for you to visit, and you can try a range of delicious beers here. Feeling hungry? There are also some fantastic restaurants for you to spend a little time in. The Apache Pizza place is the ideal place to go if you just want to enjoy something quick and simple. Want something more exotic? The Camile Thai Sutton will prove to be the perfect place to dine, and it has won a number of awards to prove just how great the experience here is.

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