Not everyone can spend most of their time working in the office or doing their domestic errands without taking a break every once in a while. You’d be on the right track to crazy-town if you don’t give yourself a couple of days relax and unwind!

If you’re planning to have a holiday in Ireland, or you’re currently living in the country, then you are lucky to be visiting or settled in a beautiful and fantastic place! The area is packed full of history, greenery and thriving cities where you can make new friends wherever you go.

However, if you’re looking for a town where you wouldn’t be surrounded by heavy traffic and massive skyscrapers, then it’s recommended for you to go and explore Antrim Town. Settled in County Antrim, you would find it impossible to stay at home and watch the television with a cup of tea next to you! It’s a place where the local community is so friendly, you can even get acquainted with the hottest Antrim escorts who would love to meet you in your spare time!


One of Antrim Town's most fascinating historical sites is the Antrim Round Tower, a well-preserved example of early Irish monastic architecture. This 28-meter-high tower, which dates back to the 10th century, offers visitors a captivating insight into the lives and beliefs of the region's early Christian inhabitants. The tower, nestled within the grounds of the historic Antrim Castle Gardens, provides an engaging exploration of the site's significance.

Nature enthusiasts will enjoy the beautiful Antrim Castle Gardens, a 400-year-old garden that offers a peaceful escape from the bustling town center. The gardens, meticulously restored to their original splendor, feature a range of ornamental fountains, picturesque walking trails, and enchanting follies. The park also hosts various events throughout the year, including concerts, outdoor theater performances, and craft fairs, which attract both locals and visitors.

Another historical attraction worth visiting is the Old Courthouse, a beautifully restored Georgian building that now serves as a cultural and heritage center. The Old Courthouse features a range of interactive exhibits and displays that showcase the history of Antrim Town and its surrounding region. Guided tours are available, offering fascinating insights into the building's history and its role in the local community.

Antrim Town also serves as an excellent base for exploring the nearby attractions of County Antrim, including the world-famous Giant's Causeway and the stunning Causeway Coastal Route. The town offers a vibrant selection of traditional pubs, cafes, and restaurants, where visitors can enjoy authentic Irish hospitality, local cuisine, and live music.


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