Located in the country of Ireland, in the province of Leinster, in the county of Wicklow is the village of Kilcoole. It's located only twenty five kilometers South of Dublin, fourteen kilometers North of Wicklow and three kilometers south of Greystones. It's Irish name, Cill Chomhghaill means “Church of Comhghall.' Kilcoole resides in the Roman Catholic parish of Kilquade and it's local church is St. Anthony's Church.

Next to the railway station in Kilcoole, is a notable monument commemorating an event of national significance. The monument honors the location of Kilcoole as the landing place of 600 rifles and ammunition that were for the Irish Volunteers on board the Chotah in August 1914.

Kilcoole has become a musical hub in the past 15 years especially for Punk and Post-Rock music. The town also hosts the Kilcoole Music Festival. The annual festival awards individuals in over fifty categories ranging from vocal solos to orchestras, from rock guitar to flute.

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When you visit the ancient ruin of Glendalough Monastic City, you're visiting Ireland's Ancient East! It was founded in the 6th century and it's one of the most impressive monastic sites in Ireland. Most of the surviving buildings are from the 10th through 12th centuries. It also has a fascinating interactive visitor centre with knowledgeable staff. Enjoy the audio visual display, a model of the monastic site on display as well as a walk around its epic grounds.

Mountains are nature's breasts. Check out the Wicklow Mountains National Park and get turned on by the wild outdoors. Situated off the Green Road close to the Upper Lake, this National Park covers 20,000 hectares providing protection for the landscape and its wildlife. See rare orchids or if you're lucky, a Peregrine Falcon! The Park offers a wide variety of activities that are free like workshops, lectures, nature walks and field trips!

The Arklow Maritime Museum has what ever floats your boat when it comes to well, boats! This specialty museum is a treasure trove of shipbuilders' models, plans and paintings. It's exhibit is interesting and suitable for all ages!

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