The town of Bray lies in the north of County Wicklow, along the eastern coast, and it shares its northern border with Dublin. It has a large population, making it the ninth largest urban area in all of the Ireland, and its position next to the sea ensures that it is a busy and thriving place to visit. Many choose to visit the town from the capital, eager to explore the beautiful of the seaside, and if you were hoping to find plenty of great things to see and do on a date with a Bray escort, you are in the right place!


Those hoping to admire the stunning scenery in the town will find that Bray Head is one of the best places to visit. The walk to the head isn't far, and while it can be a bit of a challenging climb when the wind is against you, you will find that the beautiful views are more than worth it. When you climb back down you might discover that your muscles are feeling tense, and that you need a little help relaxing. Why not ask a local escort to give you a sensual massage as a reward for your active date together?

Hoping for an evening of entertainment? The Mermaid County Wicklow Arts Centre is an impressive building to visit, with a modern appearance and cosy atmosphere inside. Here you will find a number of charming plays and productions to take in, and while the centre may seem young in years, they have great ambition. It might prove to be the ideal location for you to visit on a romantic date with a sexy escort in Bray, as you will find yourself talking about what you have seen for a long time to come!

If you are happy to pay for an unforgettable experience in the town, you will find that the National Sea Life Centre is a great place to go. This small and intimate venue gives you the chance to admire over 30 different displays, with more than 1,000 different creatures inside. Sharks, Octopus, and Stingrays can all be found in this building, and you are easily able to get up close and personal with them without getting wet. If you find that you are in the town on a rainy day with nothing to do on your date, the National Sea Life Centre is the perfect place to go.


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