Located on the southeastern corner of Ireland, in the province of Leinster, in the county of the same name, is Wexford Town. It lies on the south side of the Wexford Harbour, an estuary of the Slaney River. The town received its Irish name, Loch Garman according to a local legend. A young man name Garman Garbh almost drowned in the floodwaters of the Slaney River but he was released by an enchantress. Don't drown in a flood of boring moments rather be rescued within the exquisite embrace of an enchantress when you book a massage with an alluring escort!

The town's motto is, 'through water and fire.' It's history has seen the Vikings in rule for three hundred years! In the Middle Ages, it was an Old English settlement. The county rebelled in 1798 against British rule in a bloody battle known as the Wexford Rebllion. The Redmond Square in the city centre commemorates the rebellion within the Pikeman Statue. The inscription on it reads, “My heart is with the city of Wexford. Nothing can extinguish that love but cold soil of the grave.”

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See the wildlife of the area when you visit the Wildfowl Reserve. It's just outside the town and its a migratory stop-off point for thousands of geese, ducks, swans and waders. It's estimated that up to 50 percent of Greenland white-fronted geese spend the winter in this region! Enjoy a walk around their informative visitor centre, it has interesting exhibits and an audio-visual show!

For a great ruin walk, visit the Slade Castle! The picturesque harbour of Slade is home to the striking rubble ruin of an early 16th century castle. There are plenty of epic pictures that deserve to be taken in this lovely day trip!

Founded in 1200 AD, the Tintern Abbey is a historical site and landmark worth seeing! The scenery is peaceful and pristine. This historic complex has a nave, a chapel and a cloister. There are fabulous trails that provide lovely walks on the abbey's beautiful grounds!

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