The terrific town of Banagher is located on the banks of the Shannon River in the midlands on the western edge of County Offaly and in the province of Leinster. It's Irish name Beannchar na Sionna translates in English as “the place of the pointed rocks on the Shannon.” Its location on the Shannon River has been an important strategic position. It was one of the few crossing points between the provinces of Leinster and Connacht.

The town used to be a focus of a thriving river business as it was an important stop on the route from Dublin to Limerick. Now tourism thrives here thanks to a modern marina. River cruisers, anglers and water sports enthusiasts enjoy the watery opportunities of the harbor and its sandy shores.

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One of Banagher's most notable historical sites is its well-preserved 19th-century Martello tower, built to protect the town from French invasion. Today, the tower stands as a symbol of the region's rich history and offers a unique glimpse into Ireland's past. History enthusiasts should also visit the nearby Birr Castle, a magnificent estate that houses one of the world's largest telescopes, as well as beautiful gardens and a fascinating science centre.

The River Shannon, which flows through Banagher, offers a range of outdoor activities. Guests can embark on a leisurely boat cruise, exploring the Shannon's meandering waterways and observing the area's stunning natural landscapes. For those seeking more active pursuits, the river is also popular for fishing, particularly for pike, bream, and perch. Local angling centres can provide visitors with equipment, permits, and advice on the best fishing spots.

Banagher's surrounding countryside is ideal for walkers and cyclists, with a variety of scenic routes available. The Offaly Way, a waymarked walking route, passes through the town, leading visitors through picturesque landscapes and charming villages. The Grand Canal Greenway, a dedicated cycle and walking path, is another excellent option for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the region's natural beauty.

After a day of exploring, visitors can enjoy Banagher's warm hospitality in one of its traditional Irish pubs, where they can sample local brews and listen to live music. The town also boasts a selection of restaurants and cafes, offering delicious meals made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients.


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