Located in Ireland, in the province of Leinster is the county of Louth. It’s a part of the Border Region and it’s known as ‘the Wee County.’ It is Ireland’s smallest county by the size of its area. Despite its wee size it’s the second most densely populated county in Ireland behind Dublin.

The county is rich in myth, legend and history. It’s the setting for the Táin Bó Cúailnge or ‘the driving-off of cows by Cooley.’ It’s a legendary tale from the 1st century AD in Irish literature that tells of the war against Ulster by the Connacht queen Medb and her husband Ailill. The queen’s conquest of stealing the stud bull Donn Cuailnge was triumphantly opposed by the Ulster teenage hero Cú Chulainn.

Historic sites are scattered all over the county including holy places like Monasterboice, Mellifont Abbey and the St Mary Magdalene Dominican Friary. If you’re here for business, add some pleasure by booking an erotic massage. Or explore a dominatrix fantasy with a beautiful lady. Whatever you do, have more fun with a private escort!



One of Louth's most iconic landmarks is the ancient site of Monasterboice, a monastic settlement that dates back to the 5th century. The site boasts some of the finest examples of Celtic high crosses in Ireland, including the impressive Muiredach's High Cross. The Round Tower, standing at 28 meters tall, offers a glimpse into the early Christian heritage of the area.

The bustling coastal town of Carlingford, nestled between Carlingford Lough and the Mourne Mountains, is a must-visit destination in Louth. Rich in history and folklore, Carlingford boasts a medieval streetscape, complete with castles, town walls, and charming narrow streets. A guided walking tour of the town provides a fascinating insight into its storied past, while the vibrant selection of pubs, restaurants, and shops ensure a lively atmosphere.

For nature enthusiasts, the Cooley Peninsula offers an abundance of outdoor activities and breathtaking landscapes. With a variety of walking trails, such as the Táin Way and the Carlingford Greenway, visitors can explore the stunning scenery and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, mountains, and loughs. The area is also home to diverse flora and fauna, making it a haven for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts.

A visit to Louth would not be complete without exploring the Boyne Valley, a region steeped in history, mythology, and archaeological treasures. Highlights include the prehistoric site of Newgrange, the Hill of Tara, and the Battle of the Boyne site, which collectively offer insights into Ireland's ancient past.

Finally, immerse yourself in the county's lively cultural scene by attending one of Louth's many festivals and events, such as the Carlingford Oyster Festival or the Táin March. These events celebrate the region's rich heritage, showcasing local talent, arts, and cuisine.



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