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The town of Edgeworthstown, sometimes referred to as Mostrim, lies within the county of Longford towards the north of Ireland. It sits close to the border with County Westmeath, meaning that the town sees a great deal of traffic as people travel through here. This town has been known as Edgeworthstown since the 19th Century, and has a great deal of history that you might be intrigued to explore in good company. Not for you? Why not simply arrange to meet with a hot escort in Edgeworthstown for a date? There are some great places to go, as we show in our guide below.

Exploring Edgeworthstown

One of Edgeworthstown's most significant cultural attractions is its connection to the Edgeworth family, who were prominent figures in the fields of literature, education, and politics. The family's former residence, Edgeworthstown House, was home to the esteemed writer Maria Edgeworth, whose works include the novel "Castle Rackrent." Although the house is not open to the public, visitors can still explore the beautiful St. John's Church and its surrounding graveyard, where members of the Edgeworth family are buried.

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate Edgeworthstown's proximity to several scenic walking and cycling routes. The nearby Royal Canal Greenway is a particularly popular choice, offering a peaceful waterside trail that stretches for miles through the idyllic Irish countryside. Along the way, visitors can take in the local flora and fauna while enjoying the picturesque landscapes that surround the canal.

Another must-visit site in Edgeworthstown is the historic Corlea Trackway Visitor Centre, located just a short drive from the town. This impressive Iron Age structure, constructed from oak planks, offers a fascinating glimpse into Ireland's ancient past. The centre's interactive exhibits and guided tours provide an engaging and educational experience for visitors of all ages.

After a day of exploring, visitors can unwind in one of Edgeworthstown's friendly pubs or restaurants. Local establishments offer a variety of traditional Irish dishes and beverages, providing a welcoming atmosphere in which to relax and enjoy the authentic Irish hospitality.

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