Within the north east of County Kildare you will find the beautiful town of Leixlip. Leixlip sits at the confluence of the River Liffey and the Rye Water, which has historically marked it as a frontier town. It lies on the border between two ancient kingdoms, ensuring that visitors have plenty of fascinating history to explore in the area. The fourth largest town in Kildare, Leixlip has a number of fantastic places for you to visit, especially if you invite one of the stunning Leixlip escorts to be your guide as you look around the area.


The Wonderful Barn has become something of a landmark for Leixlip, and is a truly fascinating place to visit. It is an old building, first constructed in 1743, and has large stairs which ascends around the outside of the building, making it an intriguing place to visit. It marks the eastern vista of Castletown, which was the first Palladian House in Ireland, and many will travel to see it simply to take pictures. This landmark is a great one to visit if you have some time to spare, even if it is just half an hour, so make sure you make time for it.

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