Residing in the country of Ireland, in the province of Munster and in the county of Kerry is the lovely town of Dingle. It's located on the Atlantic coast and it's the only town on the peninsula.

It's primary industries are tourism, agriculture and fishing. By the 16th century, the town was one of Ireland's main trading port exporting fish, hides and wine all over Europe. Today the region's agricultural products are sold at the local mart which serves the surrounding countryside.

In 2005, the Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs announced that anglicised place names like Dingle would no longer be featured on street signs. Rather only the Irish name would appear. The district's Irish name is An Daingean. It wasn't until 2006 that a vote decided on a bilingual adaptation. This town is now known as Dingle/Daingean Ui Chuis.

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When you visit St. Mary's in the town, you'll witness a church that was erected in 1862. It was designed by J. J. McCarthy with a distinctive neo-Gothic flare. Say a prayer and book an elite, erotic escort who'll answer it!

Celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Dingle Oceanworld by visiting its two newest exhibitions: The Adorable Otters and The New Reptile. Other fascinating exhibits focus on penguins, creepy crawlies, Iguanas, bearded dragons and snakes! Get the chance to hold a snake! It isn't just fish at the venue, it's a little bit of everything wet and wild!

Curious to see where the drink of the land is created? Then head to the delicious delight of the town's distillery. It's an Irish whiskey distillery and it esteems itself an 'artisan' distillery. It's situated inside of a converted sawmill that was converted for whiskey production in 2012. Its first whiskeys are available in 2016 and they're due to be called Dingle Gold and Green. With the launch of their visitor's centre, go on and have a look at the artisan distillery!

For an exquisite experience that'll leave you with a delicious memory: a) book a gorgeous lady b) dine at An Canteen located on Dykegate Lane. Two brothers owned this family restaurant. They serve local beers and ciders as well as great food. Order the braised beef. Try the crab cakes. Delight in the mussels. Don't forget to save room for dessert! Be sure to indulge in the lime cheesecake and the sweet, sensual companionship of a private courtesan!


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