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01/03/2017 at 14:00
1 hour

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Been seeing escorts for a long time now and been reviewing escorts for some of that time and in that time I've expressed what I like an escort to do (french kissing, owo, cim, lap dancing) so I decided to make a booking with this attractive young woman because according to her advert these are also some of her favourite activities to do with a punter, well you can probably surmise were this is going, like most of the negative reviews I've given this one is because she doesn't french kiss, lap dance, give owo or perform cim, also as a non smoker something I find rather unpleasant is when a girl smells like an ashtray
Now although Evanna does admit to being a smoker, she could brush her teeth or use some mouth wash before a guy arrives, especially one who's going to want to french kiss, I suppose that might be why she wouldn't french kiss I dought it though. So basically having got spruced up in preparation and having paid for an hour of sexual pleasure, I found myself leaving after 45 minutes rather frustrated and all spruced up with nowhere to go.
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