What makes Ireland a fantastic place for people to visit on holiday? It’s a country that is filled with history, culture and a lot of beautiful beaches that you can stroll along for hours on end. Ireland is a place that has an abundance of vegetation and mountain areas, which many outdoor explorers like discovering.

However, if you’re looking for a seaside resort where you can put on your hiking boots and go on an adventure, then make sure that you travel to County Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown because that’s where the fantastic district of Killiney is settled. Aside from having an abundance of attractions and landmarks that you can visit, there are plenty of independent and hot escorts that live in the district and would love to make your holiday there extra special!


Once you’ve put away your luggage in your hotel room, the first thing that you must go and see is the Killiney Hill Park. The park was first opened in 1887 in honour of Queen Victoria’s 50th year in reign. Besides that, though, the green space gives outdoor adventurers a view that’s worth dying for.If you manage to reach the top of the hills, you would be able to witness the grand landscape of Dublin Bay, Killiney Bay, Bray Head and the mountains of Sugar Loaf. You wouldn’t have to keep scrolling through beautiful landscape pictures on Instagram if you give yourself the opportunity to go on a hike in the park!

However, there is more to the Hill Park than just a magnificent array of greenery. You have the option of heading north and witnessing the Dalkey Quarry; an abandoned quarry area which has recently been converted into an extreme rock climbing area. Or, you can go south of the park to see the Obelisk; a grand monument that has been present in the area for centuries. No matter which fascinating area you would love to visit in the park, you should see if a lovely Killiney escort can join you on your exploration in the greenery!


When you’ve booked some time off work to unwind in a place of leisure, it’s important to make sure that your time in an area would not go to waste, especially if it’s somewhere that you’ve never been to before. Many people want to ensure that their time away from their domestic errands would be an experience that they would never want to forget.

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