The city of Dublin is by far one of the most popular places in all of Ireland to visit, but some find that it is too busy for their tastes. They want to visit somewhere a little quieter, a bit more peaceful, and that is why you should spend time in Malahide. This affluent coastal suburban town sits to the north east of the centre of the city, overlooking Muir Eireann, and so it is one of the more beautiful places you can visit and discover with one of the top escorts in Malahide.


Since the town sits so close to the sea, it makes for a beautiful tourist hotspot. The beach here is very pretty, with lots of sand for you to walk along as you admire the views of Ireland. It isn't a particularly big beach, but this means that, on the cloudier days, it is a nice, discreet place to go. If you'd like to see other beautiful spots, the Marina is definitely the place to go, with some great bars around for those eager to enjoy a drink in comfort.

There is no better way to get to know a Malahide escort than by asking them to join you for a fun night at the Westbury Casino. It sits right in the heart of the town, with three different floors for you to visit and try your luck. If you're feeling a little bit exhausted after your date, you could check in to a local hotel for a night of passion and fun with a dominatrix. The Grand Hotel Malahide overlooks the sea, and is a luxury hotel with a pool there for you to enjoy. There is nowhere better to go on a date.

One of the best things about visiting coastal towns like this one is that you will find plenty of historic buildings to visit. There are plenty of castles for you to discover and tour, but if you are hoping for a unique date, the Irish Centre for Cycling might be the best place to go. Here you can get on a bike and visit some of the most incredible sites in Ireland. Spend time at the various castles, learning about the history of this suburb, before moving on to the local tombs. It will make for an unforgettable date.


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