This area on the North-side of Dublin is located in the province of Leinster. It's Irish name, Margadh na Feirme means “Farm Market.”, perhaps alluding to the the area's focal point which was formerly an open market. The public square is officially called, Smithfield Place but it's also known locally as Smithfield Square or Smithfield Market.

In the 17th century this area was a superb, high quality, hustling and bustling market place. The square used to be lined with inner city 'farm yards' that housed livestock. After the square was rejuvenated in 1997, the restoration of the focal point and its economy was revitalized. In modern times, contemporary architecture as well as 26.5 metre gas lighting masts regally flank the square.

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This area is known for a historical horse market that is held on the first Sunday of March and September. If you are in this terrific area during that time, gallop on over to the Horse market. Enjoy the horsemanship competitions as well as the opportunity to see these beautiful, noble creatures.

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Explore the lovely, lively, historic Smithfield Square. Within this square are other notable landmarks like the Jameson distillery and the lighthouse cinema. It's a splendid place to lunch, shop and people watch. It's close to the river and there's often some sort of live performance happening in the square.

Drink at The Cobblestone where they play traditional music every evening. The staff are simply the best and the energy that attracts here is the reason why you burn the midnight oil. Get your drink on at this righteous pub.

Feeling like catching up on Irish history then walk on over to 1 Haymarket. The Story of the Irish is an important story of an indigenous people. It provides a guided tour through a 10,000 year old story. Through the assistance of storytellers and professional actors, watch and learn about the origins and deep culture of the Irish!


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