No one likes it when they have to do the same things every day, go to the same places every day and return home via the same route every day. Every now and again, people like to see something new that would intrigue them to discover and explore an area that they’ve never been to before.

There are a lot of routes and roads that guide you from one fantastic district to another in Ireland, but there are none which are as exciting as Navan Road. Making the connection between Dublin, Ballyshannon, Virginia and Castleknock in County Meath, you can be sure that your journey along the route would not be boring and mundane!

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The worse thing that anybody could experience is driving around an area on an empty stomach. Thankfully, you wouldn’t have to suffer with a rumbling tummy with all of the restaurants that are able to serve you hot succulent food.

Places like the Mint Leaf, La Bucca Dunboyne and Papa Luigi’s are able to provide you with a comfortable booth where you can relax and engage in a lovely conversation with a gorgeous companion. If your feet are hurting after pressing down on the pedals all day, you should arrange to spend time with a woman who would know how to give you a good foot massage!

No one would be able to travel for a long time on the road without getting tired. That is why the Dunboyne Castle Hotel & Spa is the perfect place for you and a beautiful woman to relax and unwind in for the night. Whether you want to spend your evening with a private Navan Road escort or a fiery dominatrix, you can be sure that you’re time on Navan Road would be extraordinary and unforgettable!


If there is one thing that people hate when they’re driving from one place to another, it would be heavy traffic. You wouldn’t know how long it would take for the traffic to clear up so you could carry on with your journey.

To stop people from getting bored, Escort Ireland hosts the blogs page for you to be amused whenever you can’t move forward in your car. On the page, you would find at least one blog that would cater to your interests.

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