Dublin 3 is one of 24 postal districts of the City of Dublin in County Dublin. The neighbourhood is mainly built up of residential housing and parkland, and underneath runs part of the main Port Tunnel. It runs under Fairview Park, networking the port to the main towns north on the east of Ireland via the M1 and E01 roads.

The Dublin Port Tunnel was built to relieve the severe traffic congestion that was causing major issues at the start of the 2000's. It initially opened to only to heavy goods vehicles travelling to and from Dublin Port when the tunnel opened at the end of 2006, opening to all traffic at the start of 2007. This has been of much benefit to public transport, pedestrians and cyclists, as well as improving the air quality in the capital city, and not to mention, preventing delays when meeting a high-class courtesan in the area!


The district is the home of the major academic teaching hospital of St. Vincent’s, originally founded in 1834 and situated in on a site at St. Stephen’s Green, it was moved to its present location in Elm Park in 1970. Perhaps one or two of the students in the hospital may be able to give you a private massage, but even if they aren’t, you could always do a little role play on a date with them and fake an injury, asking them to make it all better for you!

As mentioned earlier, the neighbourhood has several parkland areas, the biggest being Fairview Park, which is renowned for its beautiful flowerbed displays. The park also has a number of playing fields and wooded walking routes, as well as the Tolka River flowing through it, making it a lovely setting for a perfect date with a gorgeous Dublin 3 escort. The park was developed in 1920's, built on the former site of a tidal mud flat that served as a landfill, and if you see the glorious views of the park, it is hard to imagine that something so beautiful sits in place of what it once was.


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