The city of Dublin is a thriving and busy place to explore, and for some people, heading to the centre of the city is too much. They don't want to fight the crowds to get to where they wish to go, and so the quieter suburbs around the outskirts are better for them to visit. One of the popular ones to spend some time in the suburb and civil parish of Castleknock, which sits just 5 miles to the west of the city centre. This area has a great deal of history which you will find is fun to discover on a date with a Castleknock escort.


One of the most fascinating places for you to visit in the area is the Farmleigh House and Estate. This beautiful and iconic building was once home to the Guinness Family, although now it is used by the Irish Government as a place of accommodation for any special guests and visiting dignitaries. You can, if you are lucky, arrange for a guide of the building to learn more. Not sure you want a tour of the building? Simply take a walk around the grounds for a truly memorable date.

If you are hoping to really get to know your chosen escort better, do not hesitate to book yourself a room at the Deerpark Lodge. This quaint B&B has reasonably priced rooms for you to use, so if you are looking for somewhere cheap to stay this is the place to go. The rooms will prove to be perfect for your time with the escorts in Castleknock, and they are discreet enough that your fun won't be disturbed. Why not treat yourself to an erotic massage here, or ask a dominatrix to take you through the basics of slave training? You'll be happy with the price of your room and with the service you receive.

You might instead find that spending the night with an escort is too much, but you are more than happy to meet them for a romantic dinner date. In the area you can find some incredible restaurants to visit, such as Wong's Chinese Restaurant. Here you will find authentic Chinese and Asian dishes to enjoy, but if you aren't a fan of the exotic cuisine, Myo's might be perfect for you. The charming and relaxing Irish pub atmosphere here is fantastic, and the food is spot on.


As a client, you might decide that you want to have your say on the local Castleknock escorts. You might have found that some aren't up to scratch, or that some aren't getting the attention that they really deserve from clients.

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