Spending a lovely holiday in a place that’s near the sea, where you can walk along its sandy beaches all day is something that many people would love to experience. Some guys like to travel to a country that’s south of the border, but there are others who’d prefer to go somewhere that’s different and more exciting like Ireland.

Why Ireland? Well, what if I tell you that the wondrous coastal area of Baldoyle is located there? Settled in County Fingal, you can be sure that the district is filled with exciting attractions and beautiful women. Whether you’d like to meet a charming masseuse, a fiery dominatrix or an exclusive escort during your annual leave, you would definitely find one to encounter in the area!


If there is one thing that the coastal area is renowned for, it would be its very own racecourse.  The Baldoyle racecourse was one of the main three racing arenas in the Dublin metropolitan area.

In 1842, horseracing was already thriving in the district, but the local community didn’t construct an official area for the sport until 1874. Sadly, the racecourse closed in 1972 due to financial issues, but that didn’t stop the Irish locals from using the arena for annual charity walks in the present day.

If you’re the sporty type, you should see what annual event is held at the former racecourse and see if an active companion would like to join you for a walk! However, you shouldn’t spend all of your free time at the racecourse.

Both Baldoyle Pitch and Seagrange Park are excellent places for you to go on a pleasant stroll around or a have a delicious picnic. Furthermore, both of these leisure parks give you the glorious view of the Irish Sea, so you cannot say that you wouldn’t enjoy spending your next vacation in this wonderful district in County Fingal!


After reading about all of the amazing attractions and landmarks that you can visit in Baldoyle, you wouldn’t have the will to say no to a fantastic holiday there. Who wouldn’t want to immerse themselves in the exciting atmosphere of the old racecourse or the Seagrange Park? The community in the district welcomes every visitor with open arms, but who would want to discover and explore the area alone?

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