Dublin Northside contains some of the most scenic and culturally well known areas of the city. While the definition of what constitutes the area can vary, it's thought to stretch as far north as Swords. The area lies north of the River Liffey and although it's not an official or administrative area, it's an important cultural reference!

The Irish author, James Joyce set several of the Dubliners stories on the area. It was reflective of his childhood in Drrumcondra and Fairview. Other noteworthy authors that wrote about the district are Dermot Bolger and Roddy Doyle who set their novels in this inspiring area. This area is full of inspiration, especially with Dublin Northside escorts as a muse! Be inspired with a saucy seductress and make some sexy history of your own when you book a dominatrix!


Being so close to Dublin city centre has its perks! This is especially so when you visit the National Wax Museum. It recently completed an extensive renovation at its new location in the Irish Houses of Parliament at Foster Place. See action figures like Crocodile Dundee, E.T. and the Lord of the Rings character, Gollum!

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Visit the flowery delight of the National Botanic Gardens! Their 19.5 hectares are Ireland's seventh most visited attraction and the second most visited FREE attraction. That's right, it's beautiful and cheap. The best things in life are free, but sometimes you have to put your money down to make a flower bloom. Put your money down on the erotic, exotic flower of a hot courtesan!

Be entertained with a top, elite escort and go see what's playing at the Abbey Theatre. Also known as the National Theatre of Ireland, it first opened its doors in December 1904! Today it's an important part of the Irish tourist industry. Located at 26 Lower Abbey Street, this theatrical venue seeks to please!


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