Who would be able to resist having a holiday in a town that gives you the beautiful view of the Irish Sea?

Absolutely no one! A town that is filled with natural life would be able to provide you with the relaxation that you want, where you don’t have to hear the sound of heavy traffic or hectic crowds.

Therefore, if you’re planning to have a look around County Down, then you should make sure that you have the time to visit Donaghadee. With the lovely parks, friendly communities and pretty escorts that live in the district, you may find yourself wanting to live in the town!


If you’re planning to going to the South Pier to gaze at the view of the sea, then you have to go and visit the lighthouse and harbour, which has been around since the 17th Century. A popular area for visitors and locals to go to on a sunny day is Lemons Wharf, an attraction by the harbour where you can stroll along the path for hours on end with a lovely companion.

Are you someone who gets hungry a lot? That’s nothing to worry about! There are plenty of restaurants in the town where you can sit down, eat some succulent food and have a pleasant conversation with a gorgeous girl, such as the Kambridge restaurant and the Kam Inn.

If you would prefer to do a lively activity at night, you and an exclusive Donaghadee escort can go to one of the most popular bars in the district, the Pier 36 Guesthouse. In addition, the guesthouse has a huge array of comfortable rooms for you to rest in for a couple of nights or more. Many of the rooms in the venue are spacious enough for you to indulge in a relaxing massage, or an intense session in domination!


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