The last thing that many want to do when you’ve been spending too much time in your office in a busy city, is to vacate to another big city on your annual leave. County Cork is still considered to be a major touristic hot spot, but it still provides a peaceful ambience for people to relax in, when they just want to go outside and experience something new.

If that’s the kind of thing that you’d like to do in your leisure time, then you should make sure that you’ve booked a hotel room in Kinsale. Since the district is known to be a historic port and a fishing town, you can be sure that all of the restaurants in the area would serve you the best seafood that you’d ever taste in Ireland. If you are planning to visit the town soon, make sure that you find a lovely escort who could act as your personal tour guide!


Even though the town is known for its marine culture, you can still do plenty of other things in the district. What many of the local people enjoy doing in their leisure time is seeing what the latest exhibition is about at the Kinsale Gallery, where you can see the finest artwork that was created by some of the most talented artists in the area!

If you’re a fan of music, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on seeing the annual jazz festival that takes place in the city centre. At the end of every October, nearly all of the pubs and hotels in the town host concerts and gigs for jazz and blues singers to liven up the dance floor. It’s one of the greatest events in the town to go to with a lively woman by your side.

If you’re worried that you wouldn’t be able to find a hotel in the area to sleep in for a night or so, you shouldn’t be! The Old Presbytery, the Old Banks House and the Blue Haven Hotel would be able to provide you with a luxurious, comfortable and spacious room, where you can have a night of pleasure with a charming masseuse, a hot dominatrix or a private Kinsale escort!


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