Located in southern Ireland, in the county of Cork is the tourist seaport town of Cobh. From 1850 until the late 1920s it was affectionately known as Queenstown. Residing in the south side of the Great Island, the district sits in the Cork Harbor and its Ireland’s only dedicated cruise terminal. It’s a beloved maritime tourist town and it boasts having one of the tallest buildings in Ireland: St. Colman’s Cathedral!

It’s had several different names throughout time. At first it was called 'Cove' in 1750. It was renamed “Queenstown” in 1850 honoring a visit from Queen Victoria. It wasn’t until the Irish Free State renamed it Cobh in the 1920s that it received its modern day name. The name of the town is actually a product of Gaelicisation or the act of making something Gaelic. While it shares the same pronunciation of Cove, the name has no meaning in the Irish language!

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After you’ve reached the watery harbor of Cork, look for The Sirius Arts Center! It’s the center for arts in the district and it’s located on the waterfront. It hosts cultural events and music in house at its center as well as at the venues that are settled the area. Enjoy the artistic culture of Cork at The Sirius Arts Center!

If it’s August and you’re in the area, then get ready for The Cobh Peoples Regatta! This festival is the cultural highlight of the summer! Their on stage performances showcase local musicians and performers and there’s a pageant to decide who will be the next ‘Regatta Queen!’ The festival typically closes with a spectacular fireworks display. Attracting up to 20,000 people, The seaside festival is a spectacular summer celebration!

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