Located in the country of Ireland in the county of Clare is the town of Ennis. It’s located on the Fergus River just north of where it enters the Shannon Estuary. The town's name comes from the Irish word for island, ‘Inis.’ It’s referring to an island that formed between the two courses of the River Fergus where the Franciscan Abbey resides.

The district's central location has had great influence as it served as a market town and later as a manufacturing and distributing center. Its town centre consists of medieval narrow streets and lane ways with century old architecture lining its streets. Notably, the town is a major hub for Clare County. Lots of civil services, relief organizations and emergency services are located there.

The area is a centre for Traditional Irish Music. The town is a stronghold of traditional Irish music with many musicians in residence and numerous concerts scheduled often. Enjoy a performance at the Glór Theatre in the town center. Annually in May the town hosts the Fleadh Nua, the second largest traditional music festival in Ireland! Enjoy the music of the region and dance with the locals!

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One of the town's most significant attractions is the beautiful Ennis Friary, a well-preserved medieval monastery that dates back to the 13th century. Visitors can explore the beautiful ruins, which feature stunning carvings and intricate stonework, and learn about the history of the site.

For those interested in exploring the region's rich cultural heritage, Ennis is home to a range of historical landmarks and museums. Visitors can explore the nearby Clare Museum, which features exhibits on local history, archaeology, and art, or visit the beautiful Ennis Cathedral, which dates back to the mid-19th century.

Ennis is also known for its lively local atmosphere, with a range of shops, restaurants, and pubs that offer visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local community. Visitors can sample traditional Irish cuisine, shop for locally made crafts and souvenirs, or enjoy a pint of Guinness with the friendly locals.

In addition to its historical and cultural attractions, Ennis is also a great base for exploring the stunning natural scenery of County Clare. Visitors can take a trip to the nearby Cliffs of Moher, one of Ireland's most popular natural attractions, or explore the beautiful Burren National Park, known for its unique limestone landscapes.


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