Ireland is packed full of beautiful districts and landmarks that any traveller would love to visit again and again. Once you’ve settled in the country, you’d have the choice of exploring its nature parks, go shopping in capital and meet all of the beautiful women who know how to please any man!

Of course, it can be tricky to choose a place to visit that would give them the relaxation that you’d want. But many tourists who have previously visiting Ireland would tell you that one of the best towns to go in the country is Carrickfergus.

Settled in county Antrim, it’s impossible for you to not make any new friends in the district. A lot of your new, potential friends could be independent escorts who can give you an experience that you would never forget!


For those who have an interest in sight-seeing and history, the first landmark that you have to visit is Carrickfergus Castle. Even though the building was destroyed by the Scots in 1402, the remains of the castle still stand proud today for anyone to witness! Once you’ve stepped into the medieval masterpiece, you would feel like a king while you observe the view of the beautiful sea!

However, not everyone enjoys looking at historical monuments on their days off work. Some people would enjoy nothing more but to have a lovely picnic in Salthill Park on a sunny day. It’s a great place to take a gorgeous friend to, when you want to spend some of your leisure time with her!

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When you’ve recently booked some time off work to do all of the things that you want to do, you want to make sure that your leisure time would not go to waste. There are some people who’d enjoy going to the local pub to have a beer with a group of friends; there are others who arrange multiple meetings with a beautiful Carrickfergus escort of their choice.

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