Ireland is a wonderful place for anybody to live or to spend their vacation time in. Any visitor or local would be spoiled with an array of beautiful parks, magnificent cities and, of course, the view of the Irish Sea!

There are a lot of fantastic towns that you can visit in the country, but there are none other like the town and civil parish of Ballymoney. Located in County Antrim, you can be sure that you would find at least one sexy escort who could give you pleasure, one talented masseuse who could give you a soothing massage, and one hot dominatrix who could give you a whipping!


If you think that you wouldn’t be able to find anything that you’d enjoy doing in the area, then think again! The town is a place for people who take pleasure in immersing themselves in peace and tranquility. You wouldn’t be able to find a single traffic jam or commercial skyscraper that pierces the big, blue sky.

What a lot of the local people love to do is to travel to the Lissanoure Castle; an architectural masterpiece that has been standing in the area since the 1300’s. It’s a wonderful place to hold a large party, where you can invite a dazzling, young woman to accompany you during a lively event!

Of course, the district contains a range of amenities that caters to people who like doing the simple things in life, like having a cup of hot coffee with a local escort in Ballymoney. Whether you set up a small but intimate date at the Ground Espresso Bar, the Pepper Corn or the Coffee Capital, you can be sure that your time at any one of those places will be well spend with a genuine lady by your side!


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