• Welcome to the E-I Forums! Tips for newbies:

    Welcome to E-I, newbs! We have a lively community with clients and escorts alike contributing to the forums every day (and usually 24 hours a day!). We want everyone to enjoy the forums and have a good laugh whilst contributing to some more serious and controversial debates too.

    These tips are mainly aimed at clients seeking the services of an escort.

    For starters:

    • First of all, never use your real details or post anything of which that you could be identified by on the forums

    • Be sure to purchase a 'punting SIM' card for your phone that you can switch to for the purpose of contacting an escort. This will prevent any complications in the future that may occur when using your normal phone number!

    • We do promote safe sexual health on Escort-Ireland.com and we do not condone any requests or offers of bare back sex, that is, unprotected sexual intercourse. For more information about sexual health, click here

    • Always respect the escorts, and please do take the time to read through the 'Do's and Don't's of Escorting' in this thread here (or watch the video if you can't be bothered reading it all! )

    • The forum rules can be found here.

    Selecting an escort:

    Before selecting an escort, there are a number of things that you should factor in first:

    • Reviews: on every escort profile, you can view their reviews left by other clients. If an escort does not have any reviews, you may be taking a gamble as there is no basis for comparison, but then again, new escorts have to start somewhere too. You can discuss anything to do with reviews in the 'Reviews Chat' section

    • Do any of the reviews display a 'rat' icon next to them?

      Rats are usually added onto a review that is believed to have been part of some suspicious activity from either the client or the escort, so do factor these into your decision making process

    • Are the escort's photos verified? The photo verification system is not flawless, as we only compare the images to a none-public verification image sent in by the escorts, however they are a good indication of whether or not we believe that they are the person in the photos. Be sure to look for the following statuses, displayed at the top of every escort profile as a guideline:

      = The Ad Staff team believe that this is the person in the photos

      = The images have not yet been authenticated or set as 'not verified' by the Ad Staff team, and therefore may or may not be a true representation of the person in the verification image. If these profiles are awaiting verification outside of office hours, chances are that they may have been switched for the purpose of deceiving clients, so do be careful and factor this in when selecting an escort

      = The Ad Staff team are not convinced that the photos are a true representation of the person in the verification image

      Click here to read more about the verification process

    • In the corner of each picture, you will see the E-I logo:

      This logo does not mean that the photos have been endorsed, they are simply a watermark to prevent people from using them elsewhere and should not be used as a means of factoring in the authenticity of an escort profile

    • Looking for a particular type of service? Check the escorts' 'Favourites' list on their profile page to see what sort of things they enjoy, but please do remember that all 'favourites' are a guideline, not an obligation. You may also seek specific or particular types of service via the 'Client Requests' forum, but don't forget to state your locality. You may wish to clarify services over the phone with the escort

    • Want to know more about an escort? Why not ask like-minded clients on the message boards? There may be someone that can give you more information about an escort you are interested in

    • Turned up to an appointment and it wasn't the person you were expecting? Turn away and save your money for another appointment. You have already been deceived at this stage, so you will be taking a gamble on the rest of the appointment should you wish to pursue!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the staff on the message boards or ask your fellow posters

    To see a list of the site helpers, click here.
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      Jbig -
      Alejandra, 29 years old and Spanish is s fake. Image consists of a gorgeous curvy dd enhanced woman, called to verify if was her but wasn't. She is heavy tanned not curvy has tattoos and is not very attractive