Face slapping

Face slapping

´╗┐Face Slapping

BDSM means that your fun submitting to a dominatrix can get a little physical. You might simply enjoy the feeling of pain, or you might like it to be combined with pleasure for the ultimate experience. You may even be seeking a little humiliation to show what your mistress thinks of you. It is for these reasons that face slapping is such a popular BDSM act for you to enjoy. You might like being spanked, but face slapping takes things one step further and is a much more intimate and intense BDSM thing for you to enjoy.

To start with, the simple act of slapping someone in the face asserts dominance. Your mistress will do it to show that they are in control, and to prove to you that you love it when they get physical. It will be a turn on for you that they discipline you in this way, and the little reminder that they are in charge will be just what you need to go back to your duty as a loyal submissive slave. If you are struggling to focus in the session, a little bit of fun face slapping can bring your attention back where it needs to be.

For many people, they like it the most because it is humiliating. As a slave, face slapping tells you that you have done something wrong, and that you must be punished for it. You will feel ashamed for not meeting the needs of your favourite dominatrix, and it will instantly make you try harder to satisfy and please them. Having your face slapped shows you in one swift movement that you are not good enough and that you have to do a lot more in order to make your mistress as happy as you can.

This area of BDSM is often seen as a part of edge play because of the risk of injury, so make sure you sit down and talk with your domme about all of the risks before you try it. You might find that there are a number of ways to avoid injury, such as not using jewellery, and this can go a long way to making you feel satisfied with the slap. If you are lucky enough to make face slapping a part of your next BDSM session, you'll find that you leave with red cheeks and a big grin on your face.