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    Thats it, I've had enough..............out of some 30 reviews posted by me so far, only 20 of remain on the reviews section.

    Its no point working so hard for the benefit of the punter brethren, if this bug which makes reviews dissappear cannot be fixed. So, I have decided NOT to send anymore reviews here. Even if it means that it will be a loss to EI websites' most visited section by seasoned punters.

    Latinas are the worst culprits............they keep changing names, profiles and preferences. Once a review is posted, there should be no option given to the escort to ask for it's removal, unless it is malicious. That discretion eventually lies with the 'mod' who has been nice enough so far to offer explainations for the removal of any past reviews.

    Still, I think, reviews once approved and posted on the website should remain there forever, as a lot of people make their choice based on them.

    Personally, a bad review doesn't mean that I won't visit an escort. Being the optimist that I am, I always believe that if any escort is 'ok looking' she deserves to be given a chance (particularly if shes already got a bad review) so that she gets a chance to improve.

    All you Latinas, constantly getting your reviews removed -------- bear in mind, it is the stupidest thing to do.

    And BTW, some guy has chosen to use my username (with an extra 'o' in the end) to join here. He (or she ????) has also reviewed Andrew.

    Shall we say, copying is the best form of flattery ? I am truly flattered at this newfound adulation.


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    Default zoos' reviews

    hey EI make sure you dont lose zoo as a reviewer. I log on to read his reports almost as much as i do to see the escorts.

    your reviews are concise, descriptive, entertaining, humorous, knowledgeable
    DON'T let the BasDards get you down.

    whoever reviewed andrew under your name was very naughty, however, I still nearly split me bollocks laughing. i can only imagine what your reaction was.

    i suspect t16 meself. bit of a coincidence after yer recent 'discussions'

    Keep it up ( Pun most definitely intended !)

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    I too have been wondering about zobaanzoo's reviews. I enjoy them quite a lot but I have also being noticing that they never stay on line too long. What is the reason for this? And if it's a "bug" in the system why is not happening to everyone else and why can't it be fixed?
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    Zo's reviews will certainly be missed here.

    The problem is not a software bug. We did look into a software bug that suspended a few reviews incorrectly a few weeks ago, but this was fixed.

    The reason the reviews at hand are down is that they are of ladies who have contacted us and asked us to remove all reviews of them and not allow punters to review them in future. Only about 15 ladies have ever asked us to do this (out of over 500 that we've had on our books since we started out doing reviews).

    We never let ladies pick and choose what reviews they will accept and what reviews they will not, but we do currently let ladies totally opt of of the reviews system, if this is what they ask of us, because we feel it is only fair to do this for a variety of reasons. This is explained more in and in my last post on this subject



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    message understood.

    thanks Patricia.

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