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  1. Miss March E-I 2013

    Miss March E-I 2013
    Welcome to the E-I Escort of the Month Blog. Every month I post the current top list of escorts in the running for Escort of the Month with its winner.

    The current Miss February E-I 2013 is Rachel

    Here are the results in the race for Miss March 2013 (which is based on the reviews from February):

    Winner Renatha Lopez (11 points) ...

    Updated 16-03-15 at 14:03 by Lillie

  2. 104 Little Happy Moments In Life We All Need To Appreciate More

    1. "Waking up with good hair

    2. Watching raindrops “race each other” down windows.

    3. When things just somehow manage to work out.

    4. When plans you were dreading get cancelled.

    5. Looking through old journals from when you were young.

    6. When two songs you love play back to back on the radio.

    7. That quick squeeze from the other person at the end of a hug.

    8. Receiving snail mail.
  3. My Gym Buddy :)

    After a busy day shopping over the weekend I needed to go to the gym to relieve some stress and tension . It was late when I got to the gym so there was only a few of us there .

    I was doing my weight's building up a nice sweat when I noticed a guy who was keeping an eye on me , he was good looking and you could see he worked out a lot .

    He went on the threadmill so I started to use a weight bench in front of him , I could tell he was getting excited looking at me . ...
  4. Ring around the Rosie

    So I took an oft traveled path ,and I must apologise that I learnt nothing new.
    For as sophisticated, multifaceted, magicakal species we are; it's often easier to choose the basic and crude.

    Which is something we do, us people.

    I made myself a dare, and I carried it through. It's been about 4 years. Here is the truth ; Women are feared. Not as much as men fear their attraction to them but almost.

    But then there are those who fear many things ...
  5. Senior citizens

    I have been with several escorts who had glowing reviews only to be disappointed by their reaction to me when I arrived which led me to believe either the reviews they had gotten were false or they were expecting and would prefer a young stud to call
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