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  1. Cold sores and other ailments

    As the highest incidence of sexually transmitted diseases is among gay and bi-sexual men, should the bi-sexual men tell the female escorts of their sexual orientation and then perhaps the escorts could declare on their profile if they welcome bi-sexual men. A lot of them either dont know or dont care.but the stats dont lie .Everyone can have hindsight but very few have foresight. Bi ullamh .Maybe Moderator Floki might give his opinion on whether this might be a worthwhile option as knowledge is ...
  2. Squirting and cumming externally

    I find escorts who come externally and even squirt a massive turn on for me. but a lot of them seem to want to hide the fact that they came and clean up immediately as if they were ashamed .I watched Queen Squirt on Chaturbate one night, thats the channel where you can talk and masturbate watching sexy ladies perform.Queen Squirt was masturbating over a two hour period and she produced an enormous amount of white creamy cum. She was on camera the whole time but is it possible to produce so much ...
  3. Aidaaa

    Aida you with the stars in your eyes
  4. Hello

  5. Bold Miss Renatha Lopez!

    My meeting with Miss Lopez.

    Robbie: You go downstairs with Him or hand over your Chanel Bag
    Miss Lopez: No, bye, you go home
    Robbie: Now
    Miss Lopez: No wayyyyyyyy
    Robbie: Go get your bag
    Miss Lopez: okay, we go downstairs for 15 mins & then you go home
    Robbie: okay

    So, we go downstairs and Robbie Follow her down staring at her ass. When we get in room, Robbie was now happy, and he couldnít wait to close the big wooden door, ...
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