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  1. YOUNGER MEN,,/ all men and ,MATURE WOMEN

    The allure of a mature woman to a younger man actually does not necessary have age in mind!
    I have enjoyed many men whose interest in a mature woman is unlimited, even if the age difference is but a few years or even not
    Mature women have experience that men desire, dirty talk of precious erotic encounters, positions and a touch that has yet to be experienced,,,,I love teaching eroticism to those with an imagination to explore.
    I am now 65,,,I need to update a few things, however ...
  2. A Role That i can Actually Play

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    With all this snow, the only thing that actually appeals to me is being at home with a nice glass of wine, soft Jazz playing in the background and the thoughts of some memorable evenings that I had in the last couple of month. I have been crazy busy in my full-time occupation and along with that some lack of inspiration, I know I have been denying you the chance to “read” me from time to time but I promise I will try to change that. Work definitely finds ...
  3. When someone tries to ruin your day...

    Over the years I’ve had many people trying( just trying not succeeding) to fuck up my day with passive(aggressive) texts, phone calls, e-mails etc.

    Today was one of those at least that’s what he thought it was)

    After someone copying my intro word for word(cause it hurts to think of your own intro not so many read so you just fucking copy one) I thought things can only get better. Yes, they have.

    The last text of the day was the funniest ...
  4. What did 2018 bring to me?

    What did the new year bring to me, you ask?

    2018 brought me so far a great sexual appetite. Is it just me or is it a general thing when stepping in the new year? I like sex, it was never a secret, but seriously this year made me super horny. Maybe I should change my name to Horny Nina instead of Curvy Nina. Suggestions anyone?
  5. New Year, new me

    Ah...who am I kidding? I'll just be the same sarcastic little cunt I always was ).

    I tried to make a list of New Years Resolutions for the first time and after the first word, I said fuck it...I know what I want, I know what I need and I can do it without a list.

    The one thing I hope is that 2018 will be filled with opportunities that eventually lead to achieving what we wish for. Until then...yours truly, Nina xoxo
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