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  1. What did 2018 bring to me?

    What did the new year bring to me, you ask?

    2018 brought me so far a great sexual appetite. Is it just me or is it a general thing when stepping in the new year? I like sex, it was never a secret, but seriously this year made me super horny. Maybe I should change my name to Horny Nina instead of Curvy Nina. Suggestions anyone?
  2. New Year, new me

    Ah...who am I kidding? I'll just be the same sarcastic little cunt I always was ).

    I tried to make a list of New Years Resolutions for the first time and after the first word, I said fuck it...I know what I want, I know what I need and I can do it without a list.

    The one thing I hope is that 2018 will be filled with opportunities that eventually lead to achieving what we wish for. Until then...yours truly, Nina xoxo
  3. my favourites

    I have ticked the box to alert me when one of my favs starts a new tour but I have never been notified anyone else have this problem
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  4. I just love it...

    If this song doesnít scream letís make a noir threesome porn I donít know what it screams.

    Can I direct that movie? Xoxo
  5. I thought...

    I thought we lived in a modern society where people are free to be whatever they wanna be without being verbally abused. Why the hell was I trying to kid myself? I was so wrong. It appears that people will just be abusive anyway and will take everything for granted. I do not tolerate and will never tolerate that type of behaviour and whoever wants to try that shit on me will be blocked no matter what.

    Yes I listed myself as Irish, cause yes, Iíve been living in this country long ...
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