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  1. The Kinky Guide to Booking a Sex Worker!!

    In this modern age of the world wide web, itís very easy to place a booking with a Sex Worker but if my experience and the experiences of other ladies are to be believed it still seems to totally baffle some people. I have been involved in the world of sex for over ten years and during this time I have been a member of various online forums. Some of them are no longer around and some of them are still going strong. Regardless of whether they were solely for sex workers to engage with their peers ...
  2. Bella Roses final blog for you all to enjoy mmmm

    During a booking with a new client who travelled up from the Republic, he offered if she would like a coffee or anything little?
    Bella said she would like an ice lolly please due to the hot weather. Fast forward, on his arrival, Sexy passed her a cola ice lolly and a twister ice lolly, because he was not sure which one she liked. We had a hot steamy time together mmmm. She extremely satisfied sexy and he was happy with the services provided.

    When sexy went on his way home, ...
  3. Throbbing Orgasmic Delight Full Of Splattering Cum Over Bella Roses Pretty Fresh Face

    After a meeting with a client who enjoyed reading my blogs back in the day.

    I did think about whether to this time around and could do this or next week.

    The horny minx is still there inside and yes after a phone call with a regular 20 mintes ago (Today) who seen me before was like Mmmmm.

    More about that in the next reveal, You say don't keep me waiting mmmmmm.

    Time for a shower now before putting the towels in the washing machine, ready ...
  4. European Spring Hepatitis and HIV Testing Week 2019 (17th May - 24th May)

    Press Release

    European spring testing week runs from 17th May through to the 24th May and GOSHH will be providing rapid HIV tests and rapid Hepatitis C tests in various places around the community as well as in our offices.

    HIV treatment is one tablet a day, and this treatment controls HIV so that it does not to do any damage to the person living with the virus, and the HIV cannot be transmitted sexually. This is the information behind the new campaign U=U (Undetectable ...

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  5. New in forum😘😘😘

    Hi guys i am Ruxy i love to have fun and spend nice time with you . So to escape regular rutine call my!!!😘😘😘
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